Lisa Marie Pedersen | Abstract Landscape Painter

Lisa Marie Pedersen | Abstract Landsape Painter

Since childhood, Lisa Pedersen has found herself immersed in the creative arts. Raised during the 60’s and 70’s, in the small “artsy” town of Sierra Madre, just north of Pasadena, she and her sisters were swept up in the artistic movement of that time. There was always a big crock of colored pencils on the kitchen table, and her parents, (both artists) encouraged her to draw from an early age. Artistic talent runs through her family tree. Her grandfather and great uncle were Danish landscape painters and her sister Janet is an illustrator in New York.

Lisa graduated from USC and then went on to study in the UCLA Architectural and Interior Design Program. She continued taking fine art classes through the years. When her children started school, she began to study painting with her friend, established oil painter John Brosio, who studied with Wayne Thiebaud at UC Davis. After a year of working together, John encouraged her to paint professionally.

Lisa loves the diverse beauty of the California landscape as well as the Pacific Northwest. She has traveled up and down the western coastline, capturing the dwindling open spaces, the orange groves, and the eucalyptus and oak trees that dot the countryside. Her strong sense of design is evident in her paintings. She continues to search for pattern in nature and uses her limited palette as a way to express only the essentials. She paints with water based oils on birch plywood panels.

Lisa has shown her work in venues along the coast as far south as Pasadena and as far north as Orcas Island in Washington. At the moment, she has a working studio/gallery in the funk zone in Santa Barbara where she continues to show her work at the Funk Zone Art Walk every 2 months until she and her partners get kicked out so they can tear the building down to build more high-end condos.