Lisa Marie Pedersen | Abstract Landscape Painter

Artist Statement
Lisa Marie Pedersen | Abstract Landsape Painter

Living and traveling on the west coast has been a constant inspiration for me.

While driving back and forth from Santa Barbara to Orcas Island, where I have a tiny cottage on the sea, I look for subjects for my paintings. I am moved by the dramatic change in landscape as I witness oak and eucalyptus give way to cedar, Douglas fir and hemlock.

The road or highway itself is a subject that I like to explore. I like the juxtaposition between something manmade and it’s natural surroundings. Lately, I have been drawn to evolve an abstract image out of a natural setting. For instance, I am captivated by the reflection of a row of trees against a pond and find that the mirror effect gives way to a pleasing pattern.

I am particularly compelled by vertical and horizontal lines in my work as well as the striations of color in nature, as they appear as sky against tree, against field, water and such.

The colors that I choose to use are not necessarily what I see in the actual subject matter, but rather that which comes to my mind in the moment. I like to bring a dreamy quality to my work by using a soft brush to blend colors. I always search to pare down color and simplify my composition.

I choose to paint on birch plywood, as the grain quality tends to come through the painting at times, thereby adding an extra element of texture. At times I paint with my non-dominant hand because it allows what comes through to be fresh and unencumbered. I also paint rapidly so that I don’t give myself too much time to think.